Weekend in Boston

I spent this weekend in Boston. I wasn't able to make it here in December since all my cat sitters were away at Christmas. So instead we decided to do Christmas in January. It also happened to coincide with the annual Hot Stove Cool Music concert. I've been to the last four or five of them. Was great to see both the regulars and some new acts. My perennial favorite at this event is Kay Hanley and she didn't disappoint. One of the new acts I really enjoyed was Eli "Paperboy" Reed. I was disappointed all night that I hadn't brought my DSLR. But never more than when I saw an amazing shot of a guy standing on the stairs. Didn't realize it was Reed but it's was a shot I couldn't get with my phone. I've learned my lesson. The hell with traveling light, I'm bringing that camera next year. Here's a shot I got with my phone of Reed performing. 

If you weren't able to get to the show and want a taste of it, head over to Steve Latham's You Tube page