Black Orchid Bookstore 13th Anniversary Party

Keith Snyder, Reed Farrel Coleman, and Gabriel Cohen

Keith Snyder, Reed Farrel Coleman, and Gabriel Cohen. Keith has a great short film that will be playing August 25th in the ACE Film Festival in NYC (and in other festivals). It's called "I Love You, I'm Sorry, and I'll Never Do It Again". It's a short crime comedy with armed thugs in drag. Reed has an amazing new book out called Soul Patch. It's the latest adventure of Moe Prager. Garbriel's latest book is called Boombox, set in Brooklyn's Boerum Hill neighborhood. And he was recently interviewed on WFUV's Cityscape program. You can download the podcast here. He did a fantastic job.

I was playing around with shooting video at this event, so only one photo. Turns out it's tricky juggling a still camera and a video camera ;-)

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