January 1, 2011

It's a new year, a new camera, and a new photography project. I'm going to attempt to do a photo of the day project. I may not make it 365 days, but if I fall down, I'll get right back up again. At year's end we'll see how well I've done.

Today's post is from my first photowalk of the year. It was a dreary sort of day here in NYC but I was determined to get out and shoot. The combination of the weather and having a camera I'm not yet comfortable with was challenging and I didn't think I'd find the shot I wanted to post. But then I came across this abandoned bouquet on 117th St between Broadway and Clarendon and I knew I had an interesting subject. I'm sure once I have a better feel for this camera I'll be able to do more. But for now, here's my first entry in the 2011 year in photos project.